Flier Group enables our clients to enhance security and safety through the use persistent surveillance systems. We are leading experts in the use and integration of emerging tech and unmanned aerial systems to achieve this goal. 

Our mission is to improve the security and safety for our clients’ personnel and assets whilst lowering the costs of operations. Our systems are tailored to fit seamlessly into existing operations and practices without the need for additional resources to operate them.

Our services will ensure our clients are better able to understand and respond the complex array of threats facing their business. 

The provision of persistent surveillance is achieved not only through the use of state-of-the-art technologies but by the correct technical and conceptual use of these systems. Our speciality includes the training of the methodologies behind the usage of these systems and working with the client to develop the most effective user model ensuring the system is brought into core usage effectively.

Our process is tailored for each customer and will result in the acquisition and provision of more detailed, faster actionable intelligence to key decision makers. We are able to provide a complete end-to-end solution to our clients, from initial engagement, to the integration of large, scalable suites of systems to combat any threat. 

Flier Group is best known for our work in the maritime industry, however our systems and approach are equally beneficial to customers across a range of industries and scenarios, including detecting, locating and classifying multiple threats to assets or personnel in real time.