Flier Group is always at the forefront of technological innovation with an ever evolving inventory of tools. We are truly systems agnostic. 

Flier Group offers more than just equipment.

We will source, deliver and integrate the correct system for your unique problem set. We specialize not only in the provision of aircraft but in all platforms required to meet any mission set.

Tech alone is not sufficient. Conceptual operating use is key. We will develop your operating methodologies, practice and procedures in accordance with your needs. This will ensure that the equipment is utilised to the maximum potential.


  • Reconnaissance – providing domain awareness
  • Logistics – delivering cargo (up to 6,000 lbs)
  • Civil and Commercial UAVs – aerial photography, data collection
  • Medium Altitude Long Endurance (MALE) – up to 30,000ft range 200+km
  • High – Altitude Long Endurance (HALE) over 30,000 ft. Indefinite range

underwater vehicles (AUV)_

  • Subsea drones for security, offshore inspections and mine clearing
  • Safer subsea surveys and inspections.
  • Equipped with sensors and robust autonomy
  • Emergency Response
  • Search and rescue operations enabling asset location up to 1,000 feet below the surface


  • Unrivaled perimeter awareness
  • Intelligence & reconnaissance operations
  • Area denial
  • Sampling
  • Supply delivery
  • Detection, tracking and identification of human and vehicular targets


  • High-resolution video cameras
  • NASA-developed Open Path Laser Spectrometers (OPLS) for detecting gas leaks
  • Lidar laser apparatus for constructing 3D maps of an environment
  • Thermal, hyper-spectral and multi-spectral imaging
  • Methane detectors
  • Explosive ordnance detectors
  • Pressure and vibration sensors
  • NDVI capability for mapping vegetation


Numerous advantages include;

  • Uninterruptable power
  • Persistent observation capabilities
  • No fly-aways
  • Real-time communications and information sharing


  • Surveillance, identification and interception
  • Equipped with fire hoses, public address systems
  • and less than lethal threat capabilities
  • Tested with packages including side-scan sonar,
  • mine neutralization and ISR
  • Spill cleanup, recovery, containment, fire fighting
  • Oceanographic research and data collection
  • Lifesaver vessels
  • Search and Recovery