We deliver massive cost savings in critical areas, including Counter-Piracy, Inspections, Disaster Response, Arctic Navigation and Ship-to-Ship Operations, meeting the needs of our customers with scalable products that greatly improve efficiency and performance.

Our team’s rigorous approach and proven methodology has made us a leader in the world of aerial data collection and analysis. Our ability to operate in areas of diminished local governance and infrastructure allow us to offer a level of service unmatched by any competitor.

Our aim is to generate a strategically relevant tactical advantage for commanders at sea across the full spectrum of operations.


We enable accurate, dynamic and confident decision-making to the full spectrum of maritime threats.


  • Minimize danger to seafarers and vessels
  • Reduce dependency on PMSCs
  • Mitigate reputational risk
  • Lower insurance premiums
  • Cut costs from fines and litigation
  • Curtail the risk of lost or stolen cargo
  • End costly ransom payments
  • Bolster defense against terrorism and non-piracy related threats
  • Afford vessels and crews sufficient time to contact local law enforcement authorities

maritime defense

is critical to the safety
of seafarers and assets

Flier Group utilizes a unique combination of tethered drones, high resolution EO/IR optical technologies and Pattern of Life analysis to detect and determine threats in real time. Our systems augment a vessel’s range of vision, significantly expanding the timeframe in which to make critical decisions.

The tether enables continuous flight and continuous awareness, in daylight and complete darkness. It also prevents flyaways and accidents that might trouble port authorities or other maritime vessels. Our unique active, layered maritime defense consolidates the safety of seafarers and assets.

Our solution is simple & cost effective.


We provide effective defense through persistent awareness, decision superiority and customized training to enable all security officers to analyze real-time video and data feeds to monitor vessel activity.

Officers will be able to surveil a wide area while concurrently obtaining detailed information on targets, forces or similar points of interest, giving captains the best insight into an adversary¬í’s capabilities, plans, operations and intentions.

Our systems provide sustained and continuous over the horizon Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition and Decision (ISTAD) capability.


Our inspection systems remove crew members from dangerous situations. We can perform regular underway inspections, removing the need for manned entry procedures, delivering significant cost savings, improved safety, increased morale onboard, while mitigating the risk of environmental disaster and reputational damage.

Our inspection equipment examines holds, ballast tanks, void spaces, oil tanks, fresh water storage tanks and decks, checking for:

  • Compositional Defects
  • Corrosion
  • Fractures
  • Mud and Sludge Buildup
  • Poisonous Gases
  • Heat and Other Anomalies
  • Toxic Substances

We provide a full suite of customized, hot-swappable sensors to gather this actionable data.

by up to 65%


As terrorist groups like Isil, Al Shabaab and Al Qaeda continue to change their modus operandi, the danger they pose increases. Illicit networks aim to maximise casualties, publicity and fear, and see cruise ships as soft targets.

Flier’s defense solutions integrate data, sensor feeds, analytical processes and operations. Our mobile knowledge management system allows ships to conduct routine obser vational and emergency monitoring for comprehensive situational awareness.

The technology also provides for real-time, actionable, shared information that enables precise and rapid response in all connectivity scenarios.

We can disseminate emergency information (e.g. pirate attack, active shooter, disruptive passengers, suspicious/aggressive behavior) and other alert data anywhere in the world in real-time, to nearby naval forces and to other vessels looking to organize a response.


Navigating in areas of ice concentrations and sub-zero temperatures remains fraught with risks.

Flier Group aims to minimize these risks and associated costs including:

  • Damage to the hull, propellers and rudder
  • Collisions and contacts
  • Becoming beset in ice

Our systems are able to provide data critical for decision making far in advance of current methods, including determining:

  • Type of ice
  • Pressure and concentration
  • Thickness

Keep vigilant lookout for
navigable channels
through the ice & maintain
freedom of manoeuvre
day & night.



Our technology can make disaster response quicker and more effective by assisting in the following areas:

  • Improving oil spill preparedness and response capabilities
  • Subsea well control and containment
  • Sampling, data collection, toxicity reports
  • Deploying high-speed oil containment systems
  • Oil spill mapping
  • Spill trajectory and progress modeling
  • Countermeasure planning
  • Developing industry guidelines
  • Man overboard, search and recovery
  • Deep sea salvage operations
  • Live underwater feed


Our solutions greatly enhance vessel and crew safety and minimize risk of pollution during STS operations.

Flier Group’s technology will give a live birds-eye view, (up to 300ft) of the entire operation, measuring and detecting risk factors including:

  • Angle of approach
  • Speed
  • Meteorological/tidal conditions
  • Excessive swinging

Future Developments –
Autonomous Shipping_

Autonomous Shipping is the future of the maritime industry. Soon, ships will monitor their own health, establish and communicate with their surroundings and make decisions based on that information.

Our experts are ready to discuss all aspects of the road map forward, including:

  • Autonomous navigation technology
  • Mitigating risk
  • Environmental impact
  • Piracy
  • Impact on maritime workforce and human factors
  • Insurance
  • Technological, regulatory and legal developments